Textual Criticism

The following list is a bibliography of important books regarding textual criticism.


  1. Paul Maas, Textual Criticism, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1958
  2. Martin L. West, Textual Criticism and Editorial Technique applicable to Greek and Latin Texts, Stuttgart, 1973

Another more recent work with a section on textual criticism,  which also happens to be available online for free (PDF) is:

  • Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies: An Introduction, edited by: Alessandro Bausi (General editor), Pier Giorgio Borbone, Françoise Briquel-Chatonnet, Paola Buzi, Jost Gippert, Caroline Macé, Marilena Maniaci, Zisis Melissakis, Laura E. Parodi, Witold Witakowski

The following articles are also very useful:

  1. J.J. Witkam, Establishing the Lemma: Fact or Fiction? Manuscripts of the Middle East 3 (1988)

Turkish students may consult the following works:

  1. Gotthelf Bergsträsser, Metin Tenkidi ve Yazma Metinleri Yayınlama Ilkeleri, Kitapevi Yayınları, 2011
  2. Paul Maas,Barbara Bordalejo ve Jan Just Witkam, Stemmatik: Tenkitli Metin Neşrinde Soy-ağacı Yaklaşımı, Küre Yayınları, 2011