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The Different Aspects of Islamic Culture

This is a multivolume book published by UNESCO.

Volume I: The Foundations of Islam
Voume II: The Individual and Society in Islam
Volume III: The Spread of Islam Throughout the World
Volume IV: Science and Technology in Islam
Volume V: Culture and Learning in Islam
Volume VI: Islam in the World Today

Only Volume II, IV and V are available for download in PDF format. Volume IV deals with history of science & technology in the Islamic world with chapters written by different experts on the field. The file is approx. 75 MB.


History of Science & Technology in Islam

This 5 volume work, written by Prof. Fuat Sezgin, is the richly illustrated catalogue of the collection of the Institute for the History of Arabic-Islamic Sciences in Frankfurt, of which Prof. Sezgin is the founder and director.

The contents of the volumes are as follows:

  • Volume 1. Introduction to the History of Arabic-Islamic Sciences.
  • Volume 2. Catalogue of the Instrument of the Institute: 1. Astronomy
  • Volume 3. Catalogue of the Instrument of the Institute: 2. Geography. 3. Navigation. 4. Clocks. 5. Geometry. 6. Optics.
  • Volume 4. Catalogue of the Instrument of the Institute: 7. Medicine. 8. Chemistry. 9. Mineralogy. 
  • Volume 5. Catalogue of the Instrument of the Institute: 10. Physics and Technology. 11. Architecture. 12. Military Technology. 13. Antique Artefacts.


The work was originally published in German but was soon translated into French, Turkish and English, all of which are available on the website of the friends of the Museum for the History of Science & Technology in Islam, located in Istanbul:

 htttp:// (click on “publications”)


History of Cartography

J. B. Harley (ed.) and David Woodward (ed.), History of Carthography, Volume Two, Book One, Cartography in the Traditional Islamic and South Asian Societies, University of Chicago Press, 1992.


Islamic Cosmology

Anton M. Heinen, Islamic Cosmology. A study of As-Suyūtī’s al-Hay’a as-sanīya fī l-hay’a as-sunnīya: with critical edition, translation, and commentary (Beiruter Texte und Studien, 27) Wiesbaden (Steiner), 1982.