Computer Tools


Computer Typesetting Arabic Text

There are several tools and programs for typesetting Arabic text:

  1. Microsoft Office Word (obviously) or any other widely used package
  2. Latex (with Ledmac, Ledpar, Ledpar or Arabtex)
  3. Classical Text Editor


LaTex with ledmac, ledpar and ledarab

Manual for Critical Editions

Tips & Tricks for Latex


LaTex with ArabTex

ArabTEX is a pack­age ex­tend­ing the ca­pa­bil­i­ties of TEX/LATEX to gen­er­ate Ara­bic and He­brew text. In­put may be in ASCII translit­er­a­tion or other en­cod­ings (in­clud­ing UTF-8); out­put may be Ara­bic, He­brew, or any of sev­eral lan­guages that use the Ara­bic script.
ArabTEX con­sists of a TEX macro pack­age and Ara­bic and He­brew fonts (pro­vided both in METAFONT for­mat and Adobe Type 1). The Ara­bic font is presently only avail­able in the Naskhi style. ArabTEX will run with Plain TEX and also with LATEX.


Classical Text Editor